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We Can Make The Positive Choice To See The Beauty Around Us

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hi and welcome to a bright and promising 2021!

I’d like to wish you a happy and positive new year and share with you how a small child recently reminded me that it is possible to see infinite beauty whatever your circumstances.

As we move into 2021 amid further lockdown restrictions the picture may look bleak, but it’s important to remember that we do have the choice to explore beyond the veil of Covid-19, where there is still an abundance of blessings awaiting waiting us if we are open to exploring and embracing them.

What I Learned From A Seven Year Old Child

My grandson excitedly took his new paints and paper to his makeshift easel outside my kitchen where he wanted to paint the view in front of my house.

Half an hour later he proudly presented me with a signed copy of his artistic endeavour. This was a peaceful and idyllic scene of the grassy canal side complete with birds in the sky and a gaggle of geese busily gathering food beneath the trees.

All He Saw Were The Wonders of Nature

“Darling, where are the cranes, the diggers, the unsightly piles of earth and the concrete foundations?” I asked with surprise as these had for me blighted my delightful canal side view.

My grandson looked from his picture to the view he had captured and told me, “I only saw the nature.” I looked again and this time I saw the utterly delightful view captured by my grandson’s untainted eye.

A moment Of Enlightenment

This was a lightbulb moment for me and a sharp reminder that beauty is indeed in the eye of the looker. As Marcel Proust so eloquently put it,

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Choose To Nurture A positive State Of Mind

As I looked out of my window the second time, I too saw the lush green blades of grass gently blowing in the breeze and watched as birds fluttered from tree to tree above the canal’s glistening water.

At that moment I was reminded that it was my choice whether to be awed by the abundance of nature or irritated by a temporary blot on the landscape.

We Can Develop A Positive Perspective

Within each of us is the power to develop a brighter and more positive perspective on life. We all have control over what we choose to see and the ability to capture and embrace the miracles that are in fact right in front of us.

Need A Helping Hand On Your Journey?

Any new journey can feel daunting and sometimes a helping hand is needed as you embark on change. I am confident that a wonderful new world is within your reach and I’d love to travel the route with you and help you to find your perfect place.

I am confident that 2021 will be a wonderful year for you!

To discover the abundance of beauty that is around you Let’s Connect


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